Chisan Orchids in Los Alamos california

Over 30 years of experience, 28 acres of plantings,

and an annual production of over half a million orchids...

...we are your Cymbidium Orchid Specialists.

Since 2004, Chisan Orchids Nursery has been rooted in California's Central Coast in beautiful Santa Barbara County. The idea for our nursery began in South Korea with Mr. H.B. Lee - an orchid lover who has been cross-breeding, growing and propagating Cymbidiums for almost his entire adult life. As he searched for the ideal place for his beloved Cymbidiums, he kept three things in mind:

1) An abundant source of good quality water - Cymbidiums require lots of water and are very sensitive to water quality, growing best with water that is close to neutral with a slight acidic tendency and fewer minerals and salts.

2) A suitable climate - Cymbidiums love a cool climate, and California's Central Coast is ideal because it provides warm days and chilly evenings throughout the year: near-perfect growing weather for Cymbidiums!

3) Sufficient light - Like all plants, Cymbidiums require long and unobstructed lighting for optimum growth.

The small town of Los Alamos, about 50 miles north of Santa Barbara along Highway 101, offered all the conditions Mr. Lee had been looking for. Chisan Orchids Nursery was born. Since our founding in 2004, we have built over 1.2 million square feet of greenhouses and we have an additional 300,000 square feet in development.

CHISAN ORCHIDS NURSERY is a wholesale nursery currently specializing in Cymbidium spp. In 2011, we are planning to introduce additional orchids including Dendrobium formidables, Dendrobium kingianum, Miltonia spp., Oncidium spp., and Cattleya spp. Our production generally starts in October and continues through Mother's Day.

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