Chisan Orchids in Los Alamos california

Over 30 years of experience, 28 acres of plantings,

and an annual production of over half a million orchids...

...we are your Cymbidium Orchid Specialists.

The Orchid Production Process

Our orchids go through many steps before they are ready to be sold.

First, they are propagated by tissue culture in a sterile lab in South Korea. This process takes about 24 months before the plants are mature enough to be shipped to our facilities here in Los Alamos. We then immediately place the tiny plants into 3-inch pots containing a media mixture of 1 part perlite, 4 parts peat moss and 5 parts bark. The plants are then placed into our nursery "A" where they receive appropriate heat, reduced light and the proper amount of water and fertilizer.

When the plants are about 6 months old, they are transplanted into 5-inch pots. Some of them stay in this size container and the remainder are transplanted into 6-inch pots about a year later. The plants then grow and mature for several more months, producing new pseudo bulbs each spring, until they start to produce flower spikes in the fall and are ready for sale. This entire process from tissue culture until sale can take up to five years to complete.


The Packing and Shipping Process

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